Best Pregnancy Test in Malaysia Market

Best Pregnancy Test

Best Pregnancy Test in Malaysia Market - You want to find out as soon as possible if you are pregnant because having a child is a significant commitment, and you want to be able to begin preparing for your new little bundle of joy by getting the very best medical care and guidance as soon as you can.

If you are sexually active but have not yet received your period, you should get a pregnancy test or two just to be safe.

There is a wide variety of pregnancy test kits available on the market today; however, the thing that is most essential is finding one that is accurate so that you do not get excited (or scared) for no reason.

We are here to introduce you to some of the most reliable pregnancy tests currently available; these tests are widely used and can be purchased at any pharmacy in your area.

If you are uncomfortable approaching people, you could always get it online.

The top three most accurate pregnancy tests in Malaysia are as follows:

1. CLEARBLUE Pregnancy Test Kit 1's

  • The best pregnancy test for the overall kit
  • Costs that are not excessive
  • Available at the majority of pharmacies


Everyone who has ever taken a pregnancy test before has probably been unsure about whether or not two lines on the test indicate that the person is pregnant. Or is it all one thing?

This kit is very easy to interpret because all it does is give you a plus sign (+) for positive and a minus sign (-) for negative; therefore, unless you were a complete slacker in math class when you were in kindergarten, reading the result should be a piece of cake!
  • Can test up to four days early
  • Easy to interpret
  • Accurate to greater than 99%

To whom does this pertain?

Those who are anxiously wondering whether or not they are pregnant and want a kit that is accurate and simple to use will appreciate this one by ClearBlue.It is perfect for those who want a kit that is reliable and accurate. 

When your urine has been successfully absorbed, the tip will change color to let you know. If you want quick results, this is the test to use because it can be administered up to four days earlier than other options.
Best Pregnancy Test

2. Urine Pregnancy Test 1pc

  • The Best Pregnancy Test at an Affordable Price Kit
  • Simple to operate
  • Particularly delicate


A preliminary test on your pregnancy does not require you to pay for an arm and a leg in order to receive the results (though it is always good to follow up with your doctor afterward). 

This pregnancy test "discloses" everything that you require to know for less than RM5, just like its name suggests it will do. 

Because the instructions are printed on the pouch itself, you'll have no trouble following them even if you're using it in a public restroom. The results are supposed to be available in one minute.
  • Extremely precise results
  • A urine dropper is included
  • Detailed instructions are printed on the product packaging

To whom does this pertain?

This is for those individuals who are working with an extremely limited budget but would still like results that are accurate and quick. In addition to that, putting it to use is simple. 

Simply collect some of your urine, and then pour approximately four drops of it into the hole. Your results ought to be available to you in one minute.

As is customary, two lines mean that you are "pregnant," while a single line denotes that you are "not pregnant."
Best Pregnancy Test

3. Clearblue Pregnancy Digital Test (1'S)

  • Most descriptive pregnancy test
  • Very straightforward in its meaning.
  • Contains a calendar week indicator


In this day and age of rapid technological and medical advancement, pregnancy tests have significantly improved in terms of their level of specificity and complexity.

This particular one is so technologically advanced that it will be able to tell you how many weeks pregnant you are. In addition, given that it is a digital test kit, it will display the actual words, "pregnant" or "not pregnant," depending on the result. 

If you are pregnant, the indicator will tell you that you are 1-2 weeks along, 2-3 weeks along, or 3+ weeks along depending on how far along you are.
  • Over 99% accurate
  • You can take the test up to four days early
  • it will tell you how many weeks pregnant you are

To whom does this pertain?

This is for boujee potential mothers who want to know as much as possible about their supposed pregnancy and are interested in learning as much as possible about it. 

Although the cost of this kit is higher than that of a standard test, the fact that it provides a more comprehensive test makes the higher cost less of a drawback than it might otherwise be.

In spite of this, you should never make any significant decisions without first discussing them with your physician.
Best Pregnancy Test

4. DIP N TELL Pregnancy Test 2's

  • Best pregnancy test for irregular periods
  • Included in the package is a small urine collection cup.
  • Instructions are available in three languages


It is not unheard of for your period to be a little late or early every once in a while; however if you are typically regular, your period is a little late could be an indication that you are pregnant – particularly if you are experiencing symptoms such as nausea.

This test can be taken up to three days before the date that you typically get your period! You don't have to wait to check things out if you have a hunch that something is amiss.
  • Two tests
  • Rapid results
  • Sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity rates of over 99%

Capable of detecting pregnancy as early as three days before a woman is expected to begin menstruating

To whom does this pertain?

for individuals who experience regular or irregular periods so that they can achieve a sense of calm. It also comes with a small urine collection cup, so you won't have to awkwardly bend over the toilet in order to collect some pee like you normally would (which can be gross if you are in a public toilet).

After about 20 seconds, you will see a line appear, which indicates that the test is functioning as it should. This is your indication that everything is going as planned.

The time it takes for a positive result to appear can be as little as 40 seconds, but the exact amount of time needed varies depending on the amount of hCG present in the urine. The negative result (meaning you are not pregnant) will be confirmed after 5 minutes have passed.
Best Pregnancy Test

5. WATSONS One Step Pregnancy Test Strip

  • The most accurate pregnancy test strips
  • Readable and understandable without difficulty
  • Greater than 99% precision


A strip test is very similar to a regular test; it has two lines to indicate a positive result and one line to indicate a negative result.

To use the strip, simply submerge it in your urine with the arrow pointing in the direction of the urine, then remove it after three seconds have passed.

Place it on a surface that is flat, and start reading at the three-minute mark. The packaging from the manufacturer advises against reading the test after it has been sitting for 5 minutes.

Results are available in under a minute, and the interpretation is the same as with other pregnancy tests.

To whom does this pertain?

Anyone who has any reason to suspect that they might be pregnant can perform this test on themselves. There is a distinct arrow there to point you in the right direction in case you are confused about how or in which direction to immerse the strip in.

For the test, both the test strip and your urine should be at a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius, and you must ensure that the temperature of the urine does not go above the marker line. If it does, the results may be inaccurate.
Best Pregnancy Test

6. WATSONS One Step Pregnancy Test Cassette 1's

  • Pregnancy test with dropper
  • Easy to collect urine
  • Simple instructions


It can be difficult to get your urine test completely submerged in your urine while bending over and trying to do so. If you read the overview, it will tell you that you need to be careful not to over-immerse your test.

You can collect your urine using a dropper, and then carefully pour it into the well of the test kit to determine your results. Absolutely, this is the same way that a Covid test would operate!

The dropper makes it simpler to collect urine, and the test's results are simple to interpret: one line indicates a negative result, and two lines indicate a positive result.

To whom does this pertain?

Due to the inclusion of a dropper, this test kit is recommended for individuals who would rather not urinate directly onto a stick.

It is recommended that you wait three minutes for a more accurate reading, but you should not read it after five minutes if you want to confirm that your results were negative.

Before you drop a sample of your urine into the testing device, you should first place it on a level surface.
Best Pregnancy Test

7. WATSONS One Step Pregnancy Test 1's

  • The Fastest Pregnancy Test on the Market
  • Results in a minute
  • Simple to operate


Do you want to know the results of your test immediately, so that you don't have to wait in the bathroom, trembling with excitement? You can get your result from this test in under a minute, and it has an accuracy rate of over 99%!

The fact that it does not have a lot of moving parts also contributes to its ease of use. You can either urinate directly onto it, or if you would rather, you can urinate into a dry cup and then dip the absorbent tip into your urination for a count of five to ensure that it is completely covered in urine.

To whom does this pertain?

No need to panic if you are busy! You no longer have to wait ten to fifteen minutes to find out the results of your test (it can be a little intimidating to be in the restroom for that amount of time; what if people are waiting outside?)

Aside from this, it is not hard to get your urine into the kit; however, you do need to be a bit careful not to urinate or dip it past the blue arrow mark, which is located on the side of the container.

Questions and Answers: Pregnancy tests: When are they most accurate?

Because your hCG levels will be the highest at that time of day, the majority of the companies that make the test will advise you to perform it first thing in the morning after you have passed your first urine of the day.

You should also do it in the week following the week in which you did not have your period. You would be partially correct in your assumption if you were to ask yourself, "Shouldn't I do it earlier so I can find out as soon as possible?"

If you take the test too far in advance of the day that your period is actually due to begin, you run the risk of receiving a false negative result, which would render your quick action pointless and defeat the purpose of getting the information sooner rather than early.

What kind of accuracy can you expect from pregnancy tests?

The majority of tests have an accuracy rate of 99%, which is considered to be quite high. Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that there is always the possibility of a false positive or negative result. 

This could be the result of a number of different things, including the incorrect method of using the kit, taking the test too early, or even medication. To give one example, if you take fertility medication, you run the risk of getting a false positive result.

If you want to be one hundred percent certain, you should go to the doctor and have a blood test and an ultrasound done.